Virtual Classroom

Live instructor led training in virtual online classrooms with live streaming audio and video is fast becoming one of the most popular training options for today's professional. People from around the world are connecting into virtual classrooms learning from leading experts whose availability is typically limited and costly. Virtual classroom allow for the sharing of experiences from different cultures and parts of the world, and provide for one of the riches learning experiences available today.

Our virtual classrooms are fully interactive with student in the local classroom and for those online, allowing them to ask questions of the instructor and engaging in interactive conversations with other student on the course.

Using streaming technology, participants have an opportunity to see slides being displayed, have bi-direction video and audio access to the live classroom.

Customer tell us, "its really is just like being there in the classroom, except I can take the training from the comfort of my own home, go grab a tea/coffee from the kitchen during breaks and all the other things I enjoy with the convenience of working from home. Other students don't even know I'm wearing slippers, and I don't have to fight traffic or go through an airport to get there!"