Public On-site Training

Broaden your knowledge and increase personal brand value to your employer and others, with our industry leading certification training courses on information security management.

Our public training sessions are offered in major metropolitan areas across North America, helping to bring your total cost of training down, by eliminating your travel costs. Travel costs typically equals or slightly exceeds the cost of the the training itself, thereby bringing your total cost of training down by 50%.

The consensus from our students over the years is they prefer to take training onsite and in person. One of the greatest added values of public certification training sessions, is the opportunity to meet your peers face-to-face who are seeking to accomplish similar personal and business goals. When a peer organization has similar goals, it creates an opportunity to establish a lasting and critical support network outside your own four walls to leverage. When developing and executing on your organization's ISO certification plan, having the opportunity to reach out to others who are in the process, slightly ahead, or who have completed it, is invaluable. Your peers can give you guidance on what did and did not work in their organization, why, and what they would do if they had to do it all over again.