Employee Security Awareness and Training Program

As the authors of the renowned ACADEMICS ™ methodology we understand how complex, designing and rolling out an organizational-wide employee security awareness and training program can be. ISO 27001 Trainers ™ provides clients end-to-end Security Awareness & Training program consultative support. We can help you concur that mountain.

  • Custom security training development and delivery for your IT professionals
  • Customer security training development and delivery for your business managers
  • Custom security training development and delivery for your executive management and Board of Director
  • Custom e-Learning development for general employee security training
  • Awareness material, including intranet articles, screen savers, posters, etc.

When it comes to employee security awareness and training programs, we don't believe in a cookie cutter approach. As such, we offer an optional consultative needs analysis, designed to identify your organization's unique security awareness and training needs. The needs analysis is typically performed through a series of interviews or a focus session with key security program stakeholders. The output of our needs analysis engagements are a custom and comprehensive security awareness and training roadmap.

As a follow on, we can collaboratively build a comprehensive communications plan, a mandatory requirement of ISO 27001 for certification.

Don't have the time, budget or an internal LMS to build a custom online security training course for your employees? Don't worry, our one-hour SecureTeam ™ self-paced online course based on ISO 27001 controls, can be licensed and customized for quick rollout. Our SecureTeam ™ product also helps where other competitors miss the mark. General security training as part of an overall security awarness and training program is supposed to teach your employees about your organization's security policies and standards obligations. This is where SecureTeam ™ shines above the rest, and based on your adopted policies, we collaboratively work with your team, to create a customized version of the SecureTeam ™ course content to hit that target. This is facilitated using our SecureTeam's Storyboard.